Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Success and Peace

For most people, there are two objectives in life:  one is the attainment of success, and the other is peace of mind.  We can all learn the skills needed to achieve success in life, but success does not guarantee peace of mind.  The CHILD OF VIRTUE program teaches that there is a pivotal moment of personal honesty that ultimately leads to peace.  If integrity is not maintained at critical crossroads in our quest for success, we fall prey to the vices of greed, wrath and envy, all of which are fed by fear. 

Success is based upon commitment to a preconceived plan, obedience to the rules and laws of the system, and a lot of hard work.  Ultimately, success is earned through delayed gratification.  In the 8 Virtues hierarchy of the CHILD OF VIRTUE program, success is achieved through adherence to the first five virtues:  Humility, Courage, Cleanliness/Order, Obedience, and Industry. 

The skills of success, once mastered, can become the building blocks of a higher order if we have the courage to remain honest to ourselves.  Consistency between word and action is the beginning of integrity, but it goes even deeper to include consistency between action and thought.  Honest men and women obey out of honor and respect and this is where the quest for peace begins.  The mind of the truly honest person is free from the discomfort of simultaneously holding conflicting ideas.  This allows for greater wisdom which leads to a sense of gratitude to all and for all.  Peace, then, is achieved through the final three virtues of: Integrity, Wisdom, and Gratitude. 

How much happier we all would be if we have established as our goal in the beginning, “success with peace of mind.”  This is the motto of the program:  Child of Virtue, Peace is My Purpose.

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