Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Can Save "One"

Few of us will get a paragraph in the history books.  Great futures are achieved by others.  The Nobel Prize will be presented to a critical few, but not me or any of my acquaintances.  No one I know will have a building, bridge or road named after them.  The news is overflowing with hourly events, but few will impact my life directly.  The truth is most of us are average, common, and typical.  The uniqueness of our individual souls goes without question, but the timing of world events generally misses most of us.  In spite of this, we are all important and capable of becoming a blessing to the lives of others.  Our actions may not lead to solutions for all human suffering, but they can dramatically affect “one.”  I may not cure all known diseases, but I can ease the suffering of “one.”  I will not save all, but I can save “one.” 

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